Railings on Long Island add both safety and aesthetic appeal to your Long Island home.

They can easily be implemented on balconies, stoops, decks, outdoor steps, and more. We offer a wide array of materials to give you that perfect look you’ve envisioned for your property’s landscape. Our railings Long Island can either beautifully complement the exterior design you already have, or can be created as stunning accent pieces. With railings Long Island available in PVC, glass, and aluminum, you’ll find the perfect addition for your home’s exterior.

Railings Long Island

Never underestimate just how important railings Long Island can be. Especially if you tend to have guests or relatives over your Long Island home, you want to make sure you can accommodate everyone with railings Long Island. This also goes for commercial businesses that are serving their customers. You always want to make sure that the entrance to your building is completely safe, with no chances of tripping or falling with railings Long Island.

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In addition, the style of the railings on Long Island you choose can easily set the tone for your home’s exterior.

This is because we can design railings Long Island to beautifully complement your existing design, or perhaps design them into accent pieces. Speak with us today at East Coast Fence & Railings to see what option is best for you. Our expert railings Long Island technicians are waiting to talk with you about this exciting new addition for your home or business today.

pvc Railings Long Island


For railings Long Island that are sturdy and can be easily customized, choose PVC. White PVC railing can add a more classic look to your home, especially on a stoop. This thicker railing is also a wonderful choice for balconies that may need a little extra decoration. One of the main advantages of PVC is that it requires very little maintenance. That’s because it won’t rot, chip, or experience corrosion over time due to the weather.

glass Railings Long Island


A glass railing provides security without sacrificing beauty. This is why glass railings tend to be a favorite choice for Long Island docks and balconies, because they allow you to fully capture the beauty of a seaside view. They provide the security and protection that you need, all while still allowing a beautiful view of a scenic landscape. Numerous designs are available, from railings Long Island that look close to completely transparent to ones with beautiful borders and edges.

Railings Long Island


Add elegance to your property with aluminum railings Long Island. Similar to the appearance of iron but without the maintenance, aluminum will look amazing for years into the future. This also means that you can save money on maintenance and repairs because of aluminum’s resistance to the elements. Our railings Long Island company offers a sophisticated range of railings designs for you to choose from as well. Aluminum will add just the right amount of interest to any design instead of overpowering it.

For a reputable railings Long Island company that’s also licensed and insured, call East Coast Fence & Railings today at 516-5286-2236. We’d be more than happy to discuss railing choices with you and help you decide what railings Long Island is best for your home or business.